Terms & conditions

The purpose of this regulation is to inform about the terms and conditions of the viladucu.ro website and to establish the conditions for tourists to stay inside the Ducu Villa.

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Here you can read the Covid-19 prevention measures.

Rules on accommodation and stay


Check-in: 14:00 (16:00 in season 01.05 – 01.09 )

Check-out: 11:00

An identity document (identity card or passport) is required for the accommodation procedure. The minimum age for accommodation according to the legislation is 18 years. The guest will fill in and hand over to the receptionist the tourist registration form duly completed and signed (if he has not performed the online check-in procedure), in accordance with the laws of Romania.

The number of guests who will be accommodated in any hotel room will be strictly limited, according to the reservation, and under no circumstances can exceed the number 2 (two), except for the room with garden that can accommodate a sofa bed for a 3rd. the person.

The hotel management reserves the right to choose for you the floor, type and position of the room depending on the availability from the date of your arrival.


Prices include VAT (9% – from January 2023).

Prices may differ depending on the season, availability and demand.

All invoices are issued in LEI. If the payment is made using a Euro card, we will withdraw the amount due directly in LEI at the NBR exchange rate of the day.


For reservations made through the online booking platform on the site:

Payment by bank card

Accepted Cards

Mastercard, Maestro and Visa.

Bank transfer

Based on a proforma invoice generated at the time of booking.

Payment by Edenred Holiday Voucher – Vacanța

You can pay for your stay at Vila Ducu with Edenred Turist Pass / Holiday Vouchers – Vacanța. Holiday tickets / Turist Pass Cards are nominative and can be used exclusively by their Holder, for mandatory accommodation services, to which can be added meal services. Vouchers must be valid and not destroyed / perforated / stapled / glued / bent / folded and the barcode must be intact.

Payment by Up Romania Holiday Voucher

You can pay for your stay at Vila Ducu with Up Romania Holiday Vouchers. Holiday tickets / Turist Pass Cards are nominative and can be used exclusively by their Holder, for mandatory accommodation services, to which can be added meal services. Vouchers must be valid and not destroyed / perforated / stapled / glued / bent / folded and the barcode must be intact.

Payment by Pluxee Turist Card (ex-Sodexo)

You can pay for your stay at Vila Ducu with Pluxee Turist Card /  Holiday Vouchers. Holiday tickets / Turist Pass Cards are nominative and can be used exclusively by their Holder, for mandatory accommodation services, to which can be added meal services. Cards / Vouchers must be valid and not destroyed / perforated / stapled / glued / bent / folded and the barcode must be intact. From 01.03.2023 we only accept Pluxee Tourist cards, without vouchers according to GEO 130/2021 & GEO 131/2021.

Free cancellation. You can cancel free of charge up to 14 days before arrival. For cancellations made less than 14 days before arrival at Vila Ducu, we will retain the value of the first night of accommodation. 50% of the total price of the stay will be charged in advance. The 50% deposit must be paid within 24 hours of booking.

Deposit and guarantee of the reservation

The reservation will be confirmed after you pay 50% of the total reservation. If you choose to pay by bank transfer, you will receive an email with a proforma invoice for the advance payment. The 50% deposit must be paid within 1 hour from the date of booking for bookings of less than 48 hours. For reservations made more than 48 hours from the date of booking, the 50% deposit will be paid within 48 hours. We do this in order to avoid reservations that are not honored and prevent other tourists from receiving accommodation at Vila Ducu. The reservation is considered canceled if the payment term mentioned in the email is not respected.

Amount due

The rest of the payment for the stay is paid upon arrival, by cash or by bank card (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro).

Cancellation policy

Depending on the time of year and the chosen rate. See your booking confirmation email to view the cancellation policy. If you have any questions you can contact us via email or telefon .

Cancellations made by the hotel

The hotel may cancel any booking immediately after a guest delays payment according to the terms and conditions at the time of booking or if a guest becomes insolvent or if the guest violates any of the terms set out in the terms and conditions page.

No show

In case of No-show (no-show or unpaid booking) the amount paid in advance is fully refunded.


Breakfast is served daily from 07:30 until 11:00. The price for breakfast not included in the room price is 30 lei / day / person.


If you notice a malfunction or a missing accessory in the room equipment, please notify the hotel reception.

The damage by the guests of any inventory object of the Ducu Villa attracts their material responsibility regarding the payment of damages to the values displayed in the list of inventory objects, found in the map in the room or on the website of the property. The hotel reserves the right to charge the value of any object appropriated by the hotel guest. If such damage / damage is noticed after the guest’s departure (without prior notice to the hotel), the hotel reserves the right to recover the amount of the damage by charging the guest’s credit card as a guarantee.

It is forbidden to use household appliances / kitchen utensils (kettle, hob, etc.) in the hotel.

It is strictly forbidden to light any source of fire, including candles, fireworks and / or chopsticks inside the hotel and will incur penalties of 100 euros (the value in lei will be calculated at the NBR exchange rate on the day of payment).

Air conditioning

All rooms are air conditioned. To open / close the system, to change the temperature or the settings of the device, please use the remote control.


A minibar refrigerator is available in each room.

Safe box

A free safe is available in each room. Please store your valuables and documents in it. We do not assume any responsibility for forgotten, lost or allegedly stolen objects inside Villa Ducu.


Cable TV programs are available in each hotel room.


Wireless internet is available free of charge in all rooms and common areas. The connection can be made from your mobile device (laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.); access the “VilaDucu” network.


An ironing board is available in each hotel room. If you need an iron please contact the reception. An iron will be provided. The service is free.

Additional requests

For additional requests during your stay, you can use the following signage, available in each room:

PLEASE DO NOT DISTURB! – will not enter the room, except with your permission, to check the utilities and cleanliness, between 07:00 and 15:00, at the time set by you and communicated at the hotel reception.

PLEASE CLEAN THE ROOM! – by this message request that your room be cleaned between 07:00 and 15:00.


Luggage can be kept in the luggage room for a maximum of 12 hours, free of charge. For luggage left at the reception for more than 12 hours, storage costs will be charged.


We do not practice a special dress code, but we recommend decency and respect for both other guests and staff.

Access to the restaurant and the common areas of the hotel (halls, terraces, reception, etc.) in a bathing suit is not allowed.

It is forbidden to serve other food / drinks bought outside the restaurant in the hotel room.

Access with large inflatable beach accessories (mattresses, armchairs, etc.) in a swollen state inside the hotel is prohibited.

Discrimination is prohibited within the Ducu Villa. We do not tolerate or accept discrimination of any kind (race, color, religion, nationality, sex, marital or social status, age, ethnic origin or persons with disabilities).

Vila Ducu reserves the right to refuse accommodation or serving in the restaurant to drunk, rude or turbulent customers who, through their attitude and behavior, damage the image of the hotel or disturb other guests.

Outdoor Jacuzzi

It is forbidden to enter the jacuzzi with ordinary street shoes. Nudity and any indecent attitude are forbidden. It is mandatory to use slippers in the jacuzzi area.

For hygiene reasons, please:
– Use the shower in the accommodation room before entering the jacuzzi;
– Always wear a bathing suit;

Access to the jacuzzi will be made after taking a shower to remove acidic substances from the body (derived from the natural process of perspiration).

Access to the jacuzzi is only in a bathing suit (forbidden topless, naked, in underwear or street clothes). We recommend that you do not enter the jacuzzi with jewellery.

To avoid accidents, please follow the instructions of the staff and the warning panels.

Hidden, undeclared health conditions exonerate Vila Ducu from any responsibility.

Do not enter the jacuzzi if:
– you are pregnant (* access can only be done at your own risk under the conditions of signing a form);
– you have kidney or heart problems;
– suffer from asthma, diabetes or epilepsy;
– you are under the influence of medication, alcohol or drugs;
– suffer from febrile infectious diseases or open wounds;

Common spaces

Please keep quiet and do not disturb the peace of other tourists during the rest period (between 22:00 and 08:00).

Please do not run or practice various sports in the common areas or in the hotel lobbies.

Video surveillance

Common areas are video-surveilled. The location of the surveillance cameras was carried out in accordance with the legislation in force and based on the security plan approved by the competent authorities. Villa Ducu uses the surveillance system to ensure safety, security and access control. The surveillance system helps control access to the building and ensures the safety and security of the property, staff and tourists . We do not take responsibility for lost, forgotten or allegedly stolen items from the accommodation.


Traditional smoking and electronic cigarettes are prohibited throughout the property (accommodation and common areas) according to the applicable legislation in force (Law 349/2002 amended and supplemented by Law 15/2016) . We inform you that in each room there are detection sensors that detect cigarette smoke and trigger the fire alarm.

Vila Ducu only has non-smoking rooms. If the provisions of this regulation are not observed, a fee of 150 euros / night will be applied (the value in lei will be calculated at the NBR exchange rate on the day of payment), representing the room cleaning services.


Parking is free, subject to availability. Please park the vehicle so that there is only one parking space.


Visitors are not allowed.


We love animals, but pets are not allowed inside the villa.

Services offered

Guests staying at Villa Ducu benefit from a preferential offer of free and paid services. For paid services, you can get additional information.

Free services:

  • Free parking during your stay
  • Wireless internet (Wi-Fi)

Paid services:

  • Breakfast
  • Room service
  • Laundry or ironing services
  • Domestic and international telephony
  • Sending and receiving correspondence
  • Send flowers to Mamaia – Constanța

Loss of room access card

Please contact the front desk urgently as soon as you lose your room access card. Your ID and ID are required to issue a duplicate. payment of a fee of 50 euros (the value in lei will be calculated at the NBR exchange rate on the day of payment).

Protection and care for the environment

Environmental protection is a permanent concern at Vila Ducu. We are aware of the importance of environmental protection and are committed to minimizing the environmental impact of our operations. We try to reduce pollution, emissions and waste.

We use energy efficient LED lighting to minimize electricity consumption.

We use solar panels to provide the necessary domestic hot water.

Linen and towels are changed every 2 days or at the client’s request. Guests are kindly requested to leave their linen or towels in the bathroom to signal a change of linen or towels. Please do not use towels or linen for: wiping dyed hair, removing makeup, cleaning shoes, suitcases, flooring, etc. Towels will be used strictly for body use.

Fire protection

For the safety of our guests, we have taken all safety and protection measures in case of fire.

Smoke detectors and an exhaust plan are present in each room and common area. On the inside of the door is the evacuation plan with the indication of the room on the floor and the marking of the nearest emergency exit.

Fire extinguishers, escape signs and escape plan are provided in the common areas.

The escape routes are properly signaled, according to the legislation in force, with light elements, supplied non-stop to separate energy sources.

Changes to terms and conditions

The terms and conditions may be modified at any time by Vila Ducu without prior notice.

Questions and complaints

We reserve the right to debit the card to our guests, regardless of their wishes, in at least the following cases:

– they left the hotel premises without paying for the services they received;

– caused degradation or destruction;

– they left with objects that do not belong to them and whose value they did not pay;

– they did not cancel the reservation on time.

If you have any questions, suggestions, complaints or grievances please contact us at email or telefonic .

The content of the website is the property of Vila Ducu.

Thank you for your understanding and we wish you a pleasant stay at Vila Ducu!